My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday 15 September 2014

Vita Coco Kids Club

Are your kids like mine? 

Do they like being part of a club? 

Well there's a new club in town they'd love to sign up to and it goes by the name of 

"What's Vita Coco Kids Club?" I hear you ask, well the healthy drinks range Vita Coco Kids have recently launched their own kids club, a fab club for kids to have fun yet learn and drink healthy at the same time.

Currently with every purchase of special edition multipacks of Vita Coco Kids drinks you will receive two trumps cards containing facts and figures about animals that can be found in the rain forest.

Once your little ones have their cards (with your help) they can log into the website found on the back of their cards, register their details and sign up to become a Vita Kids Club member, 


Also as part of the registration process they will be sent their very own height chart.

This height chart isn't just a plain old height chart, no it is split into the different levels of the rain forest, within each section there are various facts about the various animals which can be found there.

 Also your little ones trumps cards have their very own space on the height chart too, so when complete your little ones will have a fully filled height chart containing many facts about many different animals that can be found within the rainforest.

Plus on the bottom of each card you'll see a unique code, this code can be inserted into the code box and will give your little ones a free throw on coconut shy, yes your little ones get to play a game of coconut shy, the more coconuts they knock down the larger the range of prizes they can choose from as a prize for playing.

So not only is Vita Coco Kids Drinks a fantastic healthy drinks range {see post about Vita Coco Kids drinks here} they now have a fantastic kids club for your little ones to become part of  and by doing so they will be educated about the rain forest and they will be collecting fabulous prizes before they know it.

I was sent a create of Vita Coco Kids drinks, a height chart and a packet of trumps cards for this review/promotional piece free of charge.

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