My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 10 October 2014

TP's Hospital Visit

On Tuesday early evening TP said his boy parts area was hurting, so mummy phoned NHS direct who advised her to take him to hospital straight away.

Within an hour he was taken up to the children's ward and was put into a room with three other poorly children.

He had his bloods took and a ultrasound done on his boy parts to investigate what was causing the pain, the ultrasound was all clear.

He was allowed some tea and went to sleep, as I was at work whilst all this going on I visited on the way home from work, he was such a sad site too see cuddled up in bed bright red cheeks from his temperature and arm in bandage from the blood tests and medication he was being given.

On Wednesday I was working late again, I dropped JR off at school, L-A to her grandparents and went to the hospital. TP seemed better, he'd eaten some breakfast and was really happy to see me. I stayed at little then had to go to work.

Whilst I was at work TP had some further tests and bloods taken, he also had another ultrasound on his liver and stomach which came back clear which was a big relief.

As I was in till late and both TP and mummy were tired they went to sleep early so I didn't visit and went straight home to check JR and L-A were ok.

Thursday came and I took JR to school but today it was family read so that took my mind off TP for a bit, L-A stayed with her Grandma as she was off work.

I went straight to the hospital for about 9.30, upon arrival TP wasn't in his bed and mummy wasn't about neither, I was informed he'd gone for bloods so I sat and waited for his return.  

Most of the day was spent waiting and waiting and waiting some more for the Dr's to come see us and tell us what was happening with TP.

The lunchtime food cart came round and TP had fish fingers and chips followed by cherry pie and custard which mummy said was really nice as TP decided he didn't want to eat it.

Although the children in the room were poorly they still managed to play lovely together with smiles on their little faces whilst the parents wait for Dr's reports. One by one the children who were in the same room as TP were discharged and we still waited patiently to see the Dr and find out what was going on.



Eventually at about four pm the Dr came to see us, told us that all seemed ok, nothing had shown up on either ultrasound or in his bloods to worry about and that he was all clear to go home, so with a smile on our faces we packed up mummy and TP's belongings and left the hospital, his gotta get a check up at GPS in 10 days but fingers crossed by then alls back to normal.

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