My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

When I was growing up I loved watching Disney cartoons and animated films, to be honest I still do. Through watching cartoons and films I would sit and draw cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. No one taught me how to draw the characters one day I just started doodling and walla I drew my first characters.

Well jump a few years forward to me taking my GCSE's, I decided as I liked drawing I'd take GCSE Art, to be honest I really didn't enjoy it at all, I loved drawing and doodling but the things I wanted and how I wanted not to a set theme and time frame.

Any how's one parents evening my dad spoke to my art teacher to see how I was getting on and he mentioned how I liked drawing cartoons but his response slightly annoyed my dad to be honest, he basically told my dad that no one has every got anywhere drawing cartoons to which my dad replied "have you never heard of Walt Disney". Off the back of that I still didn't enjoy my art classes and wasn't encouraged to carry on drawing cartoons.

I kinda wish I'd stuck firm with the cartoons to be honest, as we all know the animation industry is massive today, with the likes of Walt Disney Animation & Pixar and DreamWorks who produce like likes of Shrek, Frozen, Brave, Monsters Inc and the amazing Toy Story, yes I know its all computer generated on screen but all animation films start on a artists storyboard/sketch board somewhere.

Well my childhood cartoon drawing enjoyment was brought back to life when we took JR to Euro Disney six years ago now. I was able to participate in a proper cartoon drawing class lead by a real life Disney artist, it was fantastic, I felt like a big kid, I couldn't tell you what was going on around me to be honest I was so engrossed in making sure I concentrated on drawing my Donald Duck correctly.

Well that was my childhood dream fulfilled to be able to properly draw a cartoon character under the guidance of a proper artist.

Do you have any childhood dream or childhood dream jobs you have been able to fulfill in anyway?

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  1. Aww! That's fantastic! It is so nice to fulfill a dream like that.

    1. Thanks it was tbh a real thrill for me to just sit and draw like that.

  2. That's so cool! I wanted to be a librarian because I loved the noise of the date stamp (random I know!) - I got to us the date stamp in my first office job! I also always wanted to use the scanners at the supermarket and did that too! Fulfilled all my dreams haha!!