My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday 19 January 2015

Sleepy Beach

Kids love a good story read to them at bedtime and to be honest parents, grandparents or whoever reads to them enjoy reading the stories too.

I try to read a different story to my children when I'm home for bedtime but we're beginning to get towards the end of our pile of books now so when Scott Harpole from @MyDadsStories contacted me to review his story book Sleepy Beach I thought great a new book to read to the children.

Sleepy Beach is a fun short story to read to any young children at bedtime, it's a fun story with lovely illustrated pages for the children to look at as the story is being read to them.

Also I found on YouTube that the story can be read to your children by the author himself which is a nice little bonus to be honest, you can let the children see the pictures in the story whilst the story is being read to them.


  1. Thanks Craig! Gorgeous site & beautiful children. Wish you much success.

    1. thanks for the book to review, cheers for the site comment and my little monsters too lol.