My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday 20 September 2015

If I Could....

I've been tagged by the lovely Laura at My Life As A Mummy to take part in the 

"If I Could" tag

So here it goes...

If I Could Live Anywhere

If I could live anywhere I think I'd like to live somewhere without modern technology or mobile phone networks and get away from all the modern work and live amongst nature for a while.

If I Could Have Any Home

Although I'd love to do what Derek did in Greys Anatomy and build my own wooden house on a hill side somewhere at this moment in time I'd love a call my home one of those huge American motor homes and travel around the States.

If I Could Have Any Garden

I'd love to have a massive garden containing my very own maze which would eventually lead you to a beaut summer house with its very own swimming pool. I'd also like to have a big play area for the children (well children of all ages) with its main focal point being a large pirate ship climbing frame with rope swings and slides galore.

If I Could Go On Holiday Right Now

I would whisk my children off to Disney World, Florida as every time a advert comes on the television for it they shout "Daddy can we go there?" and I always answer one day maybe so today would be that day lol.

If I Could Have Any Job

I already have the best job ever being Daddy to my wonderful children but that aside I'd like to work for NASA, how cool would it be that work on projects where your exploring things in space, exploring life on other planets etc.

If I Could Live One Day Again

Errrm a tricky one but I think without a shadow of a doubt I'd relive my first child's birth, a strange one you may think, although obviously it was an amazing feeling to hold my first newborn in my arms I'd change the fact it took 19 hours for him to be delivered resulting in his mum ending up being pulled from pillar to post on a theatre table because some student mid wife didn't realise things weren't going right in labor, so to not put her through all that pain and to let her hold her newborn baby like she should of done instead of having to wait for hours afterwards yes I'd change that day.

If I Could Have Any Superpower

I think I'd like the power/ability to understand women as that's a superpower you need daily lol only kidding I'd like to be able to heal things so when my kids get hurt I can heal them quickly.

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  1. Great list, Craig. We love our house but the one thing we definitely miss is having something more than a postage stamp of a garden. And as for a holiday, I know what I'd love to do with the family if money and time were no object - I'd hire a car and drive coast-to-coast in the US. The reality would probably prove to be somewhat different with three bored kids in a car, but the fantasy is great!