My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday 5 December 2015

Animated Christmas Jumper Review

It's that time of year again where the annual Christmas party has been organised and its just waiting to be attended, that now leaves you with the decision of what to wear this year.

Do you go for the more elegant evening dress or smart suit etc or are you one of those people who has a more fun side and wears a fun Christmas jumper?

A Christmas jumper I hear you answer, well that's perfect you need not look any further than this review for this years Christmas jumper brought to you from the clever people at Morph Costumes.

This Christmas Morph Costumes along with Digital Dudz jumper technology has brought to the market their new 2015 collection of warming woolies which are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd at any party.

Each Morph Costumes Jumper has its own secure pouch for your mobile phone to house in, not only does this keep your phone safe and secure but it also helps transform your jumper into a awesome Christmas jumper with its very own animation feature.

Each jumper will fit most mobile devices up to 13.6 cm x 7cm. Unfortunately the Samsung S6 and IPhone 6+ won't fit their simply too big.

To turn your jumper from a run of the mill standard Christmas jumper into a animated Christmas jumper all you have to do is simply download the special app from your phones app store, insert your phone into the pouch on the front of your jumper and press play then hey presto you have your very own animated Christmas jumper.

A quick note - if have an Apple device make sure its running on IOS 8 or greater and Android devices must be running 4.0 or greater.

To be honest I'm not one for Christmas jumpers but when I was sent this review opportunity I began to read the email and I was like "wow these jumpers are awesome" the concept of turning a Christmas jumper into a awesome animated Christmas jumper had me hooked.

I was sent a cheeky gingerbread jumper for this review.

I recorded it too to show how cheeky he is lol.

The only issue I have with these jumpers are their price tags, they range from £14.99 to £35.99.

I have to be totally honest I love the concept of these jumpers but the price tags seem excessive to me especially as all your paying for is a Christmas jumper with a pouch on the front to put your phone in, the actual clever feature which then makes the jumper come alive is a free app which you download from your app store on your phone.

If you want to get everyone's attention this Christmas at your works party, out and about or at home this is definitely the jumper for you this year.

I was sent this jumper for review purpose only and all my views and opinions are of my own doing.

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