My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Day At The Airport

Today my wife (meandthetinythree) and I took the boys to Birmingham International Airport for a blogger/review event about their new children's interactive play area sky side.

Our adventure began at Sandwell and Dudley station, where we caught a virgin train to the airport. The boys loved the journey, they were able to sit back and look out the window and watch as we zoomed past fields and houses.

Once we arrived at our stop we departed the train and caught the monorail to the airport, the boys again loved this (and I quote from JR "it's wicked Daddy").

Once at the airport we meet up with the other fellow bloggers/reviewers and we were introduced to the sky side team Kieron, Amy and Michelle, who were going to guide us through the whole experience of becoming a sky side cadet.


Our cadet adventure began at the checking desk where the boys were given their cadet booklet. In this booklet there is a word search section, a colouring in section and the most important section of all the main task is where your children have to search for letters to unlock the cadet password and find cardboard cut outs of Zoom (the sky side mascot) in various shops to earn different stamps.

We made our way through the security check-in, which of cause is always fun with little ones in toe not wanting to go through the x-ray machine without mummy or trying to get things out of the trays that weren't even ours (saying I was only trying to help) while poor old daddy is being sent backwards and forwards through that x-ray machine holding everyone up because he forgot to take his stupid belt off (sorry folks).

The search for the letters and Zoom the mascot mainly took place in and around  the vast array of shops in the departure lounge of the airport.
The letters were clearly laid out on the floor in different parts of the lounge and the cut outs of Zoom were clearly on view in the shops. Although some were a bit more challenging to find then others. The boys really enjoyed going into the shops and trying to find the Zoom and earning themselves their stamp for their booklet.

Once we (the boys) had finished finding all the mascots and letters we were greeted by Zoom himself, the boys along with the other children got to hi five, have their photo taken and even dance with Zoom which was fun for them all, except one poor boy who took one look at Zoom and burst out crying.

Zoom then lead the way to his magical interactive zone. 

The children got to try out all the gadgets and gizmos available to them and they even got to sit back and watch a bit of television.


Once this session was complete and everyone had finished trying out the equipment we were then taken to the flight school rooms where we had a small buffet lunch, the boys enjoyed their sandwiches and pastries, I on the other hand  I enjoyed lunch I just didn't really enjoy chasing them round when they got bored while I was still trying to eat (good old responsibilities of being a parent I hear you shout) lol.

Just to finish I would recommend to anyone with young ones or older ones in fact anyone to be honest to try out Zoom's interaction zone just  to make the dreaded wait for the plane a little bit more fun.


  1. This sounds great! I can imagine it being very popular!

  2. It was very good great for the youngsters would really recommend

  3. A great idea, mine used to love a visit to the airport

  4. What a great day, sounds like it was so much fun. Zoom looks really cool, I bet the kids loved him! Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory