My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday 8 July 2013

Sweet Baby Laughter

After a long and slightly tiring day at work I returned home in time to catch my two boys before they went off to bed. Tonight to be fair it wasn't a battle at all, my eldest went to sleep in his bed taking to his mummy then my youngest fell asleep curled up next to his mummy while lying on the sofa.

This left my little princess L-A, well she wasn't tired at all. All she wanted to do was play on the empty floor, with no big kids around to almost step on her or knock toys in her path. She is at that stage in her development where she is beginning to crawl, and don't we know it. One minute she's sat still playing with toys in front of her and the next off across the room she goes.

Well while I was waiting for tea to cook, I thought I would lie on the floor and play with my little lady. I had almost forgotten quite how easy babies make you forget your cares and worries. My boys are growing up so quick it seems like years since they were babies.

So I lay on the floor next to L-A, and I waited to see what she did once she had realised I was there. There it was that lovely smile she has, like she was saying daddies come to play with me, in her own special way. So I waited, lying on my belly with her little people figures in front of my face. She came crawling over to me and grabbed one of them and you can imagine what happened next .....

No, got ya, she just looked at me dropped it back on the floor and waited for me to pick it up for her. I did this several time, each time her little happy laughter got louder and more happy. I actually enjoyed playing pick up the toy for me daddy just so I could hear the innocent carefree laughter of my beautiful little princess. Oh how I must hold onto that happy laughter, for one day it will now doubt be fits of screams of I hate you daddy.

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