My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 9 May 2014

BlogOnMosi Weekend Part One

As my wife had decided that she was going to BlogOnMosi, we thought it would be a nice chance for us to have a family fun weekend together.

We packed the car on Saturday morning with the kids unaware of where we were going, phoned the Travelodge on the M6 service station to check our room was all booked up for us and we started our journey to Manchester.

As BlogOnMosi wasn't until Sunday we decided that we we're going to have a family day on the Saturday and all have fun day together as we would be apart on the Sunday.

Once we were up in Manchester, to be honest we didn't really know what to do as we hadn't been there before and didn't really know what there was to do.

We knew we couldn't go to Old Trafford as United were at home to Sunderland (which later we found out united had lost), so we decided we'd drive over to The Etihad Stadium and see what City's ground was like.

The ground is impressive not as impressive in my opinion as Old Trafford but hey ho. We brought the boys a flag (which they can put up in their play shed at home) had a wander round the club shop and made our way to our next destination.

Our next destination was going to be Red House Farm but we took a slight detour (not very cleverly of me) straight past Old Trafford on a match day which was quite interesting to say the least to the Cbeebies Studio.
The boys got to have a quick look in the reception area and have a few photos took then we finally made our way to Red House Farm.

It was only about 3.30 when we got to the farm and the weather was still gorgeous. The kids loved playing on the swings and slides and on the sandpit. We even had a picnic once they had finished playing.

We even bumped into a tv celebrity, do you remember Tom from Waterloo Road? Well he was there, and no before you ask I didn't get a selfie with him lol. (I got a sneaky pic instead though as you can see lol).

Our final stop of the day was our Travelodge room on the motorway, which to be honest was basic but nice. We had Burger King for tea and pretty much went straight to sleep as we knew we had a busy day ahead of us on the Sunday.

Pop over to my blog and entertain yourself by reading part two of our fab weekend in Manchester 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! You should of got a selfie with him, but saying that though I've walked past a few celebrities and I didn't say anything lol!

  2. I miss travelling like this. Before we have done so much of this driving but not really knowing the destination. Now we dont have budget at all for such trips. Thanks for sharing yours =) #pocolo

  3. I can't lie, I enjoy the mention of Man U losing! Sounds like a busy but nice day, must be great having these family times

  4. Sounds like a great weekend full of fun! It's lovely having family time. :)

  5. What a great idea to make a weekend of it. I am a bit sad that I missed the Blog On event but determined to try and make it next year :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :)