My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 27 June 2014

So Whats Life All About?

You're born, you die thats the start and ending basically but what you do in between is the important stuff, the stuff that defines you, the stuff that you can have an impact on and that can have an impact on others, time allowing of course.

Unfortunately some don't get enough time to make any kind of real impact in anyones life and on the other hand some have far more time to make a impact then they should. 

 A good friend of ours lost their little angel at the tender age of just six months old and although she didn't get to make a lifetime of impact on her friends and family she did make a very special impact within the short space of time she was with us.

Even more closer to home my cousin recently gave birth to her twin baby boys two and a half months early and unfortunately one of them died within 24 hours of being born, again although he was only with us for less than 24 hours he made a impact on his parents and grandparents heart they will never forget.

Life is far too precious to let it pass you by, you've got to enjoy every minute to its fullest, you need to be able to look back when you are old and be able to say " I'm glad I did that, I'm glad I tried that out, ok it didn't work out quite as planned but at least I tried" instead of looking back with regret on not trying, not achieving your goals, not travelling or whatever it maybe you did or didn't do.  

As they say 'You Only Live Once' or in todays street talk I think its YOLO,
 go out overcome those fears explore the world or at least the country you live in. 
Have stories to tell the kids and the grandkids and possibly even the great grandkids 
or at least the residents of the retirement home you probably end up in lol. 

"When I were a lad.....  "Shut up Craig we've heard it all before" lol

As I said, some unfortunately don't get the chance to live their lives to the full through no fault of their own, if you know of someone like this a fiend and family member maybe, cherish the memories you have of them no matter how short their life was lived. 

Do something outrageously crazy and ever lasting in their memory. 
Something you may not of ever thought of doing before like a 
sky dive, a mountain climb or visit somewhere special to them or their close family members maybe.

I'll end this post on a personal note.

When I was about 10 my grandfather passed away, one thing he regretted not being able to do was to take me and my brother on holiday due to his ill health, so in honour of my grandfather my father organised a family holiday to Malta because thats where my grandfather wished to take us. 
It was and still is the best family holiday we have ever had.
 I still think back to it sometimes and remember fun memory snippets of a holiday that we went on over 20 years ago.

Do you have a holiday, special place or something you do or have done to remember a loved one or a special person you have lost? 


  1. A beautiful post and you are so right it's what you do with your time that matters make the impact make the most of it

  2. Cheers for ur comment it was a slight deep and touching post that I was nervous to write tbh

  3. Ahhh a very touching post. We've just lost someone special in our family and your post is so true regarding impact on people's lives xx

    1. Thanks for ur comment its always hard when u loose someone close but hopefully u can remember them for all the good they shared with u

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you my colleague convinced me to publish it because I saw a tear in her eye so knew it was finally OK to do so

  5. What a truly beautiful post. Brought a tear to my eye. Death is a funny thing, makes us realise just how special life is in the first place. My Uncle died two weeks ago, and I regret not getting to know him properly. It was my fault, he looked too much like my grampy and it hurt me to look at him.

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBloghop

    Laura x x x

    1. Thanks for the comment it was something I'd draft written ages ago and tweaked and spoke to my friend about then decided to publish glad I did now