My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 18 June 2014

F Is For ....... Food

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove and her wonder Alphabet Project.

This week I've gone for F Is For ..... Food.

I must admit that throughout my life food has played a big part, 
Soup when u feel down and low on cold wet winter days,
 Chocolate when you want that little pick up every now and then
 and pizza when you can't be bothered to cook lol.

We all have our favourite foods what's yours?

Well last week my wife was was invited to attend the Good Food Show at the NEC, so as I was off that day I attended too.

Oh the fun we had trying all the different types of free samples of various foods and drinks.

Well that's my F Is For ......

Stay tuned for G Is For ......


  1. Perfect way for the children to try out some new food too, I bet. #Alphabet Photo

    1. My kids enjoyed the new food L-A was able to try dairy free food and my wife had food and alcohol so everyone was happy all round lol

  2. Oh wow I'll be the good food show has lots of treats! I always just end up eating at these kind of events although it's great to have a wander too. Sounds like you all had fun! Thanks for linking up with #alphabetphoto and apologies for commenting late *blames BritMums* (letter G is up just after midnight)

  3. Oh it was indeed my kids tried new food my wife tried new alcohol happy all round lol