My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 8 August 2014

BOOMco Rapid Madness Review

This arrived the other day to some what excited eyes (mine and the boys) for us to try out from the kind people of Mattel.


What is it I can clearly hear you ask?

Well I'm about to tell you and even show you the awesomeness of the:-

When I was first offered the opportunity to review this item to be honest I couldn't wait, I had watched the video clip below and saw just how awesome this product was and couldn't wait to try it out.

The BOOMco Rapid Blaster is exactly what the title says it is a awesome rapid blaster, it can fire one dart for accuracy or 20 smart stick darts in seconds up to an amazing 50 feet which is pretty awesome to be fair.

The best thing about the blaster I found is how easy it is to use, you simply load the smart stick darts into the dart clip load that into the blaster, pump the air (yes you heard me correctly air) into the blaster and fire away, either one dart at a time or the whole 20 dart clip within seconds.

In case you miss read I did say air into the blaster that's because the Rapid Blaster doesn't require batteries, it only need air pumped into it so you'll never need to tell your kids "sorry kids you can play with your Rapid Blaster because we don't have any batteries" ever again, you can simply hand it to them and say go have immense fun kids.

The Rapid Blaster comes with 30 smart stick darts and a dart clip cartridge which holds 20 smart stick darts, it also comes with a cool smart stick target. 

This target can be attached to anything to be honest and the joys of this means the darts will only stick to this so if you do have a poor aim like myself the darts will bounce off the walls for example and leave no marks but will stick to the target so you know you've hit the right spot.

The Rapid Blaster has a RRP of £49.99 which doesn't make this a cheap toy (if you can call this a toy) at all. 

At the time of this review the Rapid Blaster was on sale at Tesco and Toys R Us for £49.99, at Argos for £37.49 and Debenhams for £50.00.

As we get closer to Christmas I feel that this must have toy will be flying off the shelves at all stockists and the prices will change even more with Christmas offers etc.

For more BOOMco fun follow BOOMco on instagram here.

I was sent the product free of charge for review purposes and all views and opinions are my own.

We're going on an adventure

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