My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday 30 August 2014

Growing up toooooooo quick

Now the summer holidays are nearly over and my own two week vacation is drawn to a end it's finally dawned on me my children are growing up far toooooooo quickly.

We have just moved L-A into her own room and into a bed, yes my little princess is in her own room, some might thank above and say finally bedroom freedom, all it does to me is make me realise my little delicate angel is starting to spread her wings and gain her own independence.

Then over on the other growing up field of play you have my two little boys, well I say little boys more like growing up men.
JR is now ready to start Year 1 and TP is about to start nursery. It only seems like yesterday they were learning to crawl and sit up unaided, now their being measured for school shoes and uniform.

Although they both look very smart and very grown up, there my two little boys, my two little men who play together, fight together, learn together now there both off to school in their nice new school shoes and their sparkly new uniforms.

Well at least L-A aint ready for school ....... Yet, that day will soon be here and ill be a nervous wreck knowing that daddies little princess has now become daddies big princess, god help me lol.

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