My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Today's Different Breakfast

Today, even though my darling boys woke me up at the usual time of sub 6am, I let them play in their room for a bit then decided to get up with them.

As I starting the sleepy decent downstairs I heard a rather happy "dadda, dadda" call from my daughter's cot. This call then had a questionable tone to it of "where's my dadda?" his not responding to me, I popped my head round her room door, she caught sight of me, flung her arms in the air as in to say dadda you haven't forgotten me.

Off down stairs we all went, leaving my wife tucked up in her cosy warm bed, safe in dreamland with no kids sitting in her head the way she normally gets woken up to.

I thought normally breakfast time consists of me rushing round getting ready for work while chucking the kids in front of the tv with a bowl of cereal or toast, but today I thought no you have time do something different.

So I did, together with my boys we threw water, egg and batter mix into a bowl and made?  ...... Yep you guessed right pancakes.


The boys enjoyed their turn at stirring the mix together then watching daddy pour it into the frying pan, but I don't think they enjoyed that as much as eating them lol.



Just in case you think my wife missed out, don't worry we went late school P.E kit shopping then when we got back I cooked her a late pancake breakfast.


  1. I love making pancakes with my lot, they are great and if you make fluffy American ones, they are good for a quick tea too, with some sides :o)

  2. We love pancakes here too! Sophie usually has them with heaps of blueberries and some yoghurt :)

  3. Oh I love pancakes for breakfast, but too often cheat and end up buying the mini ones instead of taking the little bit of time to make fresh (and much tastier) ones.

    That's inspired me to make them when I'm at home with my boy on Friday morning :o)

  4. I love pancakes but can't make for them for toffee so I either have to wait for hubby to make them or I cheat and get the ones you chuck in the toaster. A bot if maple syrup and they are yummy.