My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday 23 September 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights Review

My eldest lad JR started reception school two weeks ago, at his school he is lucky enough to be able to chose between school dinners or a packed lunch from home.

My wife and I as parents try our best to give our three children as healthy meals and snacks as we can, whilst at school JR gets a healthy balance of meals if he opts for the hot school food, we like to think our lunch box alternative is equally healthy if he decides to go with that option.

Whilst we were searching the shelves in our local supermarket, deciding what crisps/snacks to include in JR's lunch box we noticed walkers mighty lights.

Upon further inspection we discovered that these crisps were 30% less fat than standard crisps and suitable for vegetarians too this made them perfect for JR's lunchboxes for him and his friends to share if he so desires.

You can pick up a multipack of these crisps in one of three different flavours - roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted.

The recommended retail price is £1.59 but at the time of this review they were on offer at £1 for a multipack, which made them a perfect choice for health and finance.

The great thing about these crisps is the whole family can enjoy them at lunchtime or at snack time.
My youngest lad TP enjoys his snack time whilst his elder brother is at school, so we thought why not allow TP to enjoy a tasty healthy packet of crisps too.

He loves the roast chicken flavour, (he must take after his dad for that lol). He also enjoys the fact that the crisps are a ridged shape, he said "they bobbly on tongue daddy" I think that means he enjoyed them as he finished of the whole packet and asked for another one.

My daughter who recently celebrated her first birthday is also partial to a packet of the roast chicken flavour crisps, as these crisps are so full of flavour and healthy for you we allow L-A to have a packet with her lunch.

All three of my kids really enjoyed these crisps, usually we end up cleaning up other crisps and snacks left over at lunchtime but not these, the kids ate up every last crumb.

Jackson even turned to me and said "daddy I love these crisps they are the best ever".

I must agree with him there, the ridged shape of the crisps allows the crisps to be so full of flavor in every mouth full and at 30% less fat than standard crisps they are good for you too.

I must admit that I am partial to the odd packet of crisps from time to time but now i have found a packet of crisps that are not only good for value but they are also healthy and full of flavour.


  1. I am partial to the occasional crisp sandwich, so making them in a healthier version would be a bonus!

  2. As I said they were a massive hit in our house with kids and adults alike