My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday 5 April 2015

Meeting Famous People/Celebrities

In this day and age famous people/celebrities are constantly in our lives through all the different media channels available to us today.

Unfortunately this leads to them having to do everyday things in secret or under guarded protection but occasionally you are lucky enough to see them at petrol stations, in supermarkets or even in your local pub/restaurants.

I have been lucky enough to meet various celebrities/famous people over the years, I've meet :-

Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, I was about six and handed her a bouquet of flowers when she came and opened a new section of the factory my Dad, Mum and Nan worked in.

Over the years I've meet various celebrities from the world of film, tv and sport at events such as sports memorabilia exhibitions, book signings and more recently when we've taken the kids on days out where we've meet Mr Maker, Mr Bloom, Dr Ranj, Chris and Pui and the ever wonderful Alex Winters.

Two of my stand out meetings of celebrities has to be, one:-

When I meet Paul Shane, (him off Hi-De-Hi and You Rang M'Lord) whilst I was on holiday in Benidorm, he was drinking at our friends bar and we got a quick pic of him and JR and two:-

When I was lucky enough to bump into the one and only Melinda Messenger whilst on holiday at Euro Disney. We were looking round the shops and noticed her shopping with her children and kindly asked if we could have a photo with her, she was so lovely and friendly.

My Dad meet a famous person once in a bizarre twist of fate, at the time he was working as a shoe repairer working in Wolverhampton and one day in worked Les Dawson who needed his shoes fixed for a show he was in that very night, obviously a bit start struck my Dad fixed them and as a token of his gratitude Les gave my Dad tickets for his show that very night.

My wifes most interesting meeting of a celebrity would have to be without a shadow of a doubt when she meet Jack Charlton on a motorway service station.

They were having breakfast and realised they were seated behind him, once he'd finished eating they began speaking to him, someone came over for a signature and he replied with "I'm busy at the moment I'm having breakfast with my friends, come back in a bit" which she thought was great that he was her friend.

Have any of you guys meet any celebrities or famous people in any weird or bizarre circumstances or situations?

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