My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Visit To Hatton Adventure World

Saturday afternoon we took the children to Hatton Adventure World in Warwick.

I'd been invited to take the children along to their Eggstravaganza event and to possibly test out their new laser tag attraction, unfortunately as my eldest is only seven I couldn't take him on it as the minimum age is eight, maybe next year we can test it out. Having said that we didn't let that spoil our day, especially as at their age they love chocolate that much that they much more preferred searching for hidden Easter eggs lol.

When we arrived at the entrance gates for the park the lovely lady in the booth gave us our wrist bands and gave the children a Easter egg hunt sheet, for the Easter egg hunt they had to find 12 promotional bunny rabbits dotted around the park, take note of each ones colour and when they had found them all hand in the sheet and collect their Easter prize.

We wondered round the park looking for the bunnies on the Easter egg hunt whilst doing so we took a tractor ride and learnt some interesting facts about Hatton park and the animals and wildlife that life there. We also went to see new born lambs and their mummies and chicks and their mummies too. We went in the scales and tails house and the children got to hold and stroke a bearded dragon and a blue tongued lizard.

Before we took the children on the Easter egg hunt we stopped by the bird of falcon centre and we saw a falconry display which was pretty awesome to be honest, the kids loved it, they asked the man lots and questions and they weren't even bothered by the sight of the falcon eating his chick for his lunch.

It was time for the children's highlight of the day, the part they were really looking forward to, the Easter egg hunt. We gathered near the volleyball court along with many other eager children to meet the Easter bunny and join him on his Easter egg hunt. Well once wed listened to all the Easter jokes and the health and safety instructions we made our way the the field containing the Easter egg hunt activity.

The children had to find five wooden eggs, a blue, red, yellow, orange and green one which they would exchange for Easter eggs. The children searched around the field looking behind trees and the many different obstacles within the field till they found all five eggs then they took them in to be exchanged for chocolate ones.

After all the fun off the egg hunt, we took the children to pick some daffodils for their Grandma which they really loved doing, they carefully picked them making sure they didn't damage any of them. 

As it was getting cold we decided to make our way indoors and let the children play on the indoor soft play area and giant slides whilst we had a much deserved coffee.
Once mummy had finished drinking her coffee she decided she wanted to test out the slide so took the children on it several times, it was so nice seeing mummy and the children having so much fun together.

Before it was time to head home we took the children to have a bit of chill time on the fair, they enjoyed going on the tea cup ride and lady bird ride with mummy.

We had a fabulous afternoon at Hatton Adventure World and can't wait to return possibly later in the year or definitely next year.

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  1. It does look lots of fun there, shame the children couldn't try the new Laser game but it looks like there was plenty else to do and lots going on for Easter too. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and thank you for sharing your day out with me on Country Kids

    1. Thanks for ur comment Fiona yes the kids found plenty to make up for not being able to do laser combat lol they had a fab fun filled time there tbh.