My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday 2 April 2015

Visit To Sea Life Centre Birmingham

On Saturday we took the children to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

SeaLife Birmingham

Upon arrival the children were given a little booklet, within this booklet was a stamp section for each of the zones within the 9 zone collectors activity trail, they had to complete various activities in each zone then stamp their book to say they'd done so.

They were also given a Spongebob Square Pants sticker sheet and stickers and dotted around the centre were various Spongebob promotional stands telling them who they had to search for in the promotional aquarium tank and put that characters sticker on their sticker sheet.

We made our way round the centre looking at all the sea creatures of various size and shape.

The children were fascinated by what they saw, L-A enjoyed standing and looking at the penguins swim around and around their enclosure.

TP loved looking through the hatches in the jelly fish zone, he also enjoyed touching the star fish but best of all he enjoyed meeting his name sake Tyler the turtle.

JR enjoyed touched the star fish too although it took him a bit to pluck up the courage to do so but best of all he really enjoyed watching all the different sea creatures swim above, below and around him in the under the sea tunnel.

Our visit to the Sea Life Centre was really enjoyable, it was great to see the children stand there in amazement watching all the different sea creatures of various size, shape and colour.

The only part of the visit which neither of us enjoyed which was a shame really as the children were really looking forward to it was the 4D cinema. The Happy Feet film in all honesty scared them to the point that they clung to their mum and myself in fear.

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